Automotive Talent is Our Specialty.

Our Talent Management System provides your Human
Resources department with services to consolidate your hiring process into one
simple and cost-effective platform. Each function is easily customized in our
modular system, and you can choose which pieces are the highest priority for your business.
Our platform builds on itself, creating a powerful, synchronized process that will save you
time and money when it comes to hiring, training and managing your employees. Picture your
HR department shifting gears one at a time until you’re cruising down
the highway towards your best team yet. Once you have the tools in front of
you, all you have to do is drive. Explore our system modules below.





    iconsYou need to start off with a strong impression, and that begins with placing your job in front of the right eyes. We know you can sometimes feel like you’re drowning in a pool of applicants, most of whom are not what you’re looking for. Our process will allow you to target the highly motivated millennial job seekers that you desire.

    We begin by consulting with you during the initial setup and helping you build a custom branded microsite within the platform. Here you can showcase all of the qualities a young professional desires for a work environment, and recruit the most motivated, brand-enthusiastic employees. This is where your company will win over the right applicants by demonstrating company culture, philanthropy involvement and other attractive incentives for a young job market.

    All of your job opportunity posts will be pushed to job boards such as Glassdoor and Indeed, and are easily integratable with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. These features will build your business a continuous applicant pipeline, alleviating time-related stress from your Human Resources department.



    applicantWe give you all of the tools you need when it comes to narrowing down your candidates. Our system will notify your HR Manager of new applicants and begin sorting them based on their credentials. The platform incorporates a pre-screened ranking system for all job applicants, allowing you to filter them based on matching percentage. We turn hours of work into a simple overview so you can take the next steps without being slowed down by under-qualified applicants.

    You can continue to narrow down applicants by prompting them to complete customized assessments based on each position. Additionally, we can assist with coordinating background checks and drug screenings through our online platform, simplifying the usual pre-hiring headaches so you can focus on growing your team. All of this information will be securely stored in an employee’s profile and your HR Manager can reference it at any time.

    This system provides you with a brilliant solution to organizing your job applicants and can help you manage your hiring process like nothing before. Say goodbye to cluttered inboxes, hours of reviewing and frustrating results. With our platform you will find the perfect fit in the most efficient way possible.




    Your new hires will become acclimated employees in no time. Once you have decided on a candidate, we simplify the communication process with our internal notification system. Your HR Manager can contact new hires within the platform and prompt them to complete the necessary paperwork online. All of this information will automatically be stored in a secure employee profile for quick reference throughout the onboarding process.

    You’ll have access to our library of standard onboarding paperwork, or you may upload your company’s own documents. Your new employee will receive all of the orientation training online, at a time that fits their schedule. By using this module, new hires can explore resources such as welcome videos, employee handbooks and procedure manuals within the portal.

    Allowing your new hires this flexibility will empower them while boosting your efficiency. All of your employee’s files will be paperless and integratable with company databases and payroll systems. This platform will shrink the learning curve for new hires and give them the right momentum for your work environment.




    One of the biggest challenges when it comes to training new employees is providing consistent methods and tasks. Maximizing the functionality of your team begins with a training system that ensures all new hires receive equal instruction early in their employment. Our platform is designed to train your employees based on their position, and your HR Manager can ensure consistency with our training management module.

    This integrative platform allows you to build training programs based on your company’s procedures, providing flexibility and control. HR Managers can track the progress of an employee’s training, and provide feedback in weak areas in order to better cater to an individual’s learning style. You’ll receive real-time reports throughout the training process so that you can prevent future misunderstanding and manage your staff’s needs quickly.

    Training programs can be completely customized and updated when necessary, and you can send automatic reminders to your employees for periodic training. You can include all the necessary compliance training documents to ensure your employees meet legal requirements. This unique feature gives you the ability to manage and monitor tasks, forms and training programs for new hires like never before.




    Your Human Resources duties go far beyond the scope of hiring. With the performance management module, you can keep track of your entire staff in one place. Your annual performance review documents can be converted to online documents that can be accessed by your employees at their convenience.

    When it comes to yearly compliance requirements, you can prompt employees with notifications to complete tasks within the platform. You can track each employee’s progress and monitor results in order to better assist with long-term learning objectives. Our platform allows you to submit your staff’s legal documents to the correct authorities in one easy step, and virtually removes the stress of compliance standards.

    This module includes several extended features such as the opportunity to send out employee engagement surveys and other internal communications. In addition, this module allows you to standardize your disciplinary process in order to make difficult people problems more manageable and consistent. Your long-term goals for your staff can be attained with our platform as your greatest human resource.




    Human Resources can be a highly stressful department. You are the first line of defense when it comes to internal issues, and it is easy to become overwhelmed. People1 Automotive is here to be a resource to your HR department, and with our clear understanding of the automotive industry, we can provide you with counseling and consulting services to protect your dealership and manage difficult conflict situations.

    We understand that dealerships employ diverse staffs, and we will work to ensure that you are up to date and compliant with current employment laws and regulations. We are experts in the Human Resources industry and we believe you cannot afford to be unprepared to handle the many situations that can arise between the dealership and employee.

    Our premium consulting services include guidance on a wide range of human resources issues such as escalation prevention, management training, on-site training seminars, strategies for reducing turnover, developing job descriptions, employer-employee counseling, workplace harassment and discrimination training, and non-compete agreements. Contact us today to start discussing how you can take a proactive approach to protecting your dealership.

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